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The primary focus of our research is the US financial markets. However, the scope of our analysis is worldwide as we track a comprehensive list of global financial markets, and their statistical correlation to US markets, to add depth, diversification, and accuracy to our investment conclusions.


Forward-Thinking, Data-Driven.

Our 40 years of institutional investment experience and proprietary market analytics can help you / your firm become more successful by identifying:

  • when it’s time to be aggressive and “in the market”,
  • when it’s time to be defensive and protect your assets,
  • what parts of the market to be invested in (stocks or bonds, large or small cap stocks, growth or value, government or corporate bonds, etc.),
  • which countries to be invested in,
  • which sectors and industry groups to buy,
  • what stocks and ETFs to buy,
  • where the best opportunities are in US bonds and commodities.


The focus of our research is the US financial markets including US stocks and market sectors, US interest rates, ETFs, the US Dollar, and economically-influential commodities like gold, copper, and crude oil.  The scope of our analysis is global, however, as we use our database of worldwide intermarket relationships to add depth, context, and accuracy to our investment ideas.

We communicate our financial market analysis and investment ideas to subscribers via a number of regularly scheduled reports, proprietary models, and quantitative metrics — all which are accessible through the password-protected Research Center of our website.  We also provide subscribers with direct analyst access to explain how to use our research to each client’s best advantage, answer any questions, and to discuss individual portfolios.  Different combinations of reports and services are available to meet the needs of both professional and individual investors.

Our Research Center lists all current and previous research by date, with the most current reports on top.  In addition, our research archive is searchable by name of report (Keys To This Week, Asbury Alert, etc.), asset class (US stock market, US market sectors, etc.), date of publication, and by specific words or phrases in the report (“copper”, “Health Care”, “Apple”, “China”, etc.).

Our Reports

Subscribers receive a branded email alert immediately after any new research has been posted to the Research Center, which includes a brief abstract of the report and a direct link to it on our website.


Keys To This Week is published at the beginning of every week and includes a bullet-pointed list of 10 key market factors, with accompanying charts, that are most likely to influence upcoming US financial market direction.  Separate Keys To This Week reports are produced for the US stock market and for US market sectors and industry groups, with additional reports pertaining to US interest rates, commodities, and the US Dollar published when special opportunities exist.  Each report includes include both Tactical (monthly) and Strategic (quarterly) trading and investment ideas, plus the latest updates on the Correction Protection Model, the Asbury 6, and our additional quantitative models.

» View Report From Jan 27th 2020



The Weekly Wrap-Up, published on Saturdays, is the end-of-week companion report to our Keys To This Week reports.  The Weekly Wrap-Up reviews our previous Monday morning expectations and forecast for the US financial markets, explains what actually happened during that week, and then forecasts what this implies for upcoming market direction.
» View Report From Jan 4th 2020



A presentation-quality slide deck of price charts, our own quantitative models, and other financial data that collectively display our best investment ideas for US and global asset prices over the next one to several quarters — and how they all fit together to form a comprehensive macro investment strategy.  It includes an accompanying video in which Chief Market Strategist John Kosar discusses the implications of each chart and how it is likely to affect upcoming market direction.  This report is very similar in content to the live seminars and internet webcasts that John Kosar presents across the country. 
» View Report From Jan 17th 2020



Asbury Alerts provide actionable investment ideas in individual stocks, ETFs and market indexes which include specific entry levels, price targets, suggestions for protective stop placement, and risk/reward parameters.  Asbury Alerts let our subscribers know when new trade ideas and investing opportunities emerge in the financial markets, as they happen, and explain how to participate in them. 
» View Report From Nov 14th 2019



Our Research Center contains a constantly-updated table of specific trading ideas in individual stocks, ETFs, and global stock indexes.  Asbury Research uses a quantitative, repeatable, multi-step process to identify trending stocks with favorable market internals, low initial risk, and exceptional risk/reward ratios via two proprietary models: Asbury Momentum which buys strength, and Asbury Value which buys weakness.



The Correction Protection Model is our own proprietary defensive model for the S&P 500.  It is objective, completely data driven, and works independently of day to day price fluctuations in the major US stock indexes.  CPM is binary: it is either Risk On or Risk Off.  CPM is not a returns-driven model, but rather a wealth preservation tool that was initially developed following the 2008 Financial Crisis to protect investors from another similar market collapse.

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We use our Special Reports to alert subscribers to real time, significant tactical changes in our market outlook and forecast.  This could be a directional change in one of our quantitative models, a major market index testing a major inflection point, or a suggestion to exit an existing stock or ETF idea.
» View Report From Aug 6th 2019



One of our top priorities as a firm is making ourselves available to our subscribers: to answer questions, to help them use our research to their best advantage, and even to discuss individual portfolios.  We typically answer all customer inquiries within 24 hours, we answer our own phones, and periodically reach out to our subscribers if we don’t hear from them.  Different levels of service are entitled to different levels of personal attention, but all subscribers have access to us.

Our web conferences are prepared specifically for each client firm and are made available online via GoToMeeting.  Our web conferences enable us to display, describe, and explain our latest investment ideas as if we were there with you, while fielding questions and addressing specific concerns in a real-time environment.



We created the Asbury 6 Model primarily because algorithmic trading now accounts for about 80% of the daily volume in the US stock market.  We believe many of these computer-generated trading programs are designed to prey on human investors by causing quick, sharp spikes and collapses in financial asset prices that provoke people to make emotionally driven, ill-timed decisions to enter or exit the market at the worst possible times and places — often to see prices move right back to where they started just a few days later.  The Asbury 6 is a combination of six diverse market metrics that we use as a lie detector test for the market — to help identify real, sustainable market advances or declines from computer-driven traps for real investors.

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“Asbury Research is the single best market research provider that I have had in the past 20 years of my investing and trading experience. Their data driven approach to markets has given me more insight and knowledge to make better, more accurate decisions. It’s an amazing service and well worth the investment!”

— A. Sibuma, Private Investor, Atlanta

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