Financial Sense Interview | March 22nd, 2024

John Kosar CMT, On the Correction Protection Model’s (CPM) November 2nd Risk On Signal

Jim Puplava of Financial Sense speaks with John Kosar on Friday, March 22nd about the rapid rotations that are currently taking place between various sectors, particularly technology and commodities. Based on the fund flows he tracks throughout the market, Kosar, the Chief Market Strategist at Asbury Research, explains how fund managers and other investors are displaying a frenetic selling of tech stocks on any signs of weakness, rotating into defensive areas as well as commodities, and then right back into technology on any indications of further market strength. John explains what he thinks is happening from an investment psychology standpoint and what his models are currently telling him about which sectors to be in and why.

Click The Graphic Below To Listen To The Podcast.  John’s interview begins at 3:05 of the recording.


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