Following The Money With Asbury Research is a free podcast and report that we use to stay in contact with individuals and businesses that have expressed interest in our research and services, and to educate them on our data-driven approach to investing.  Contact Us to request additional information. 

This bi-weekly podcast provides the latest update and overview of our data-driven models:

  • the Asbury 6 for Tactical Risk Management
  • the Correction Protection Model (CPM) for Wealth Preservation
  • the SEAF (Sector ETF Asset Flows) Model for Sector Rotation
  • the CARP (Cross Asset Relative Performance) Model for Domestic Asset Allocation
  • the US vs. The World Model for Global Asset Allocation

These models collectively answer the two most important questions for investors:

  1. when to be invested, and
  2. where to be invested.

Our Latest “Following The Money” Chart To Watch

In addition to our bi-weekly Following The Money Podcast, we choose one chart, Asbury Research model, or data series and accompanying excerpt from our premium research that we believe may best reflect the current condition of the US financial market.  This week, we selected the daily chart of the S&P 500 taken from our June 3rd The Weekly-Wrap Up report (access requires subscription)

It shows that last week’s rally resulted in a strong bullish breakout above SPX 4200, which is the upper boundary of six months of sideways indecision the broad market index had been languishing within since December of last year.  Friday’s sharp rise in SPX also met the 4250 initial upside target that we first displayed and discussed in the  Apr 1st The Weekly Wrap Up when the index was trading at 4109. 

The S&P 500 daily since August 2022

The 4200 area now becomes primary Tactical support in what appears to be the beginning of the S&P 500’s next leg higher within its larger Strategic advance that began in October 2022.  Above the market, the next significant resistance level is at 4325, which is 1% above Friday’s close and represents the August 2022 benchmark high.


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Disclaimer: This is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to be a solicitation to buy or sell securities. The performance indicated from back-testing or historical track record may not be typical of future performance. No inferences may be made and no guarantees of profitability are being stated by Asbury Research LLC. The risk of loss trading in financial assets can be substantial. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition.

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