Asbury Research’s Kosar: It’s risk-on, especially in commodities, despite warning signs

Chief Market Strategist John Kosar, CMT, was interviewed on Thursday, April 4th by Chuck Jaffe of Money Life. Money Life is a daily financial talk show focusing on investing, handling, managing, planning for, and protecting your money.

John Kosar, chief market strategist at Asbury Research, turned positive on the market back in November and he’s not ready to ring the register and close out the current rally just yet, though there are some metrics showing that “the market is about as overextended as it’s been historically before you get a correction.” That doesn’t make him nervous or worried, but he says that’s a symptom rather than a sell signal. Meanwhile, he sees a bull market running in commodities and he intends to ride that until the market corrects. 

Click the graphic below to listen to the podcast.  John’s interview begins at the 42:50 minute mark.


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