Stock Charts: Charting The Second Half
The Panel | John Kosar, Julius de Kempenaer, Greg Schnell & Grayson Roze

David Keller, CMT moderates a dynamic roundtable discussion featuring John Kosar, CMT (Asbury Research), Julius de Kempenaer (RRG Research) Greg Schnell (Author, “Stock Charts For Dummies”) and Grayson Roze (VP of Operations, Together, these experts share their top charts and talk you through their varied perspectives on what the second half of 2020 will hold for markets. David peppers the group with detailed questions of his own and those from our live audience via the virtual Q&A session.

  • John Kosar 2:59
  • Julius de Kempenaer 8:15
  • Greg Schnell 12:30
  • Grayson Roze 16:27
  • Panel Discussion 20:50
  • Viewer Questions 40:44
  • How the panelists relate “Don’t Fight the Fed” to the charts they are seeing 51:58
  • Lightning Round 56:41


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